The T-shirt Screen Printing Process Explained

Screen Printing T shirts
The t-shirt screen printing process involves the use of a stencil or pattern and woven mesh to transfer ink onto t-shirts in specific patterns. Read on to learn about how the process works, inks and other decorations that you can use in the process.

How it Works

T-shirt screen printing requires that you stretch a t-shirt over a frame. You put the screen over the substrate and ink is poured onto the screen. Next, you pull a mechanism called a fill bar over the screen, into fill the holes in the mesh with ink. To continue the t-shirt screen printing process, you’ll pull the t-shirt fabric on its frame, under the screen printing press. Next, you use the squeegee to push the ink through the press and onto the t-shirt fabric.

Expanding the Process

If you’re comfortable with the process, you may want to increase the challenge and use multiple layers (and/or colors) in your screen printing projects.  To use a multiple-layer process, you’ll screen each color onto the t-shirt individually, creating a variety of layers.

screen printing machine
Materials Used in Screen Printing

There are a variety of materials that you can use in t-shirt screen printing. You have a wide variety of inks that you can choose from in t-shirt screen printing projects.  There’s expanding ink, which creates a 3-dimensional look and texture on your designs. You can use discharge ink to print on dark fabrics – these work by stripping the color from the fabric; Plastisol is another commonly-used ink. If you want your t-shirt screen printing projects to sparkle, you can use gloss ink, mirrored silver or metallic inks. A suede additive can be introduced to pastisol, to create a less-puffy but soft image and texture on the newly-screen printed t-shirt.

If you have a shirt that is made of waterproof fabric, you can use nylobond ink in order to screen print on the fabric. In addition to the inks, a variety of beads can be used in the screen printing process.

Types of Screen Printing Presses

There are multiple types of screen printing units. From the simple single-screen manual press, to a rotary screen printing machine, there are different ways to these screen printing presses. For example, to use a rotary screen printing machine for a t-shirt screen printing project, you wrap the screens in order to  create a tube, where the ink and squeegee are inside the tube.

4 Pieces of Screen Printing Equipment Used in T-shirt Design

screen printing machine
If you’re looking for screen printing equipment, an Internet search leads to a variety of retailers who sell that equipment. But, if you’re interested in the screen printing process and don’t know a lot about the equipment that is required, it may be overwhelming. Read on to learn about the various pieces of screen printing equipment that is available

Types of Screen Printing Presses


Screen printing presses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The two most common options are the tabletop screen printing press or the manual press, which allows an individual to stand while they perform the work. If they are professionally manufactured, these pieces of screen printing equipment often have multiple arms that you can move around to place your screen printing piece to any number of spots on the printing press, to put the design in a variety of spots on the t-shirt or other fabric.

If you’re just beginning your screen printing journey, you may want to start with a tabletop screen printing press. These presses can have a single screen or allows you to use up to six colors; they often have one or two printing stations. The tabletop model takes up quite a bit less room than the manual production model, which needs anywhere from six to seven feet.

Manual production presses often have the capability to set multiple screens and use them quickly. From a single screen to four printing screens, these professionally-designed screen printing presses can have six printing screens and some units even have eight printing screens. There are different ways to control the registration – using a joystick or micro registration. With manual production screen printing equipment, you can have several options for colors. Some units allow you to utilize four colors, some will even let you work with six or more colors in your design.

Other Equipment

screen printing machine

In addition to screen printing presses, there are other pieces of screen printing equipment that can help make your artistic endeavors easier. For example, you can purchase a cart with a supply rack, which can hold your materials and hold your designed screens for later use. You can also purchase a drying unit that would help your finished screen printed t-shirts or other projects to dry quickly.

With any of the screen printing equipment mentioned above, you can get started creating your own unique screen printed designs on t-shirts and other fabrics.

Three Tips on How to Print on Fabric

When it comes to creating your own decorated shirts and fabric for other outfits and items, there are multiple options to create your own masterpieces. Read on to learn about options on how to print on fabric.

Using Fabric, Cardstock and an Inkjet Printer

One tutorial on how to print on fabric shows aspiring fabric designers to use a computer and printer, along with a few other items to create original fabrics. To use this inkjet printer method, you’ll need to spray a piece of cardstock with adhesive, then put the sprayed side onto a pre-ironed piece of fabric. Next, you’ll need to trim the fabric and cardstock so that strings don’t get caught in your printer.  Choose your design and put the fabric into the printer in the appropriate print direction. Print and let it dry. Once dry, separate the paper from the cardstock and you’re ready to go.

print on t shirt
Using Fabric and Freezer Paper

Another tutorial explains how to print on fabric with freezer paper. This method requires trimming the fabric to 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and trimming a piece of freezer paper to the same dimensions. Iron the two materials together using the highest heat setting, then trim the fabric and paper again. Put the fabric in the printer and you’re ready to print.

A Warning

The two methods previously discussed are for use with inkjet printers. Many tutorials on how to print on fabric focus on the inkjet printer because they say a laser jet printer might warm the fabric and freezer paper or fabric and card stock too much and cause problems with the fabric or with the printer itself.

Simpler Ways to Print on Fabric

Many websites that discuss how to print on fabric suggest taking several steps, but if you don’t want to attach the fabric to another surface, you can skip that step by using printer-ready fabric. You don’t have to use adhesive because the fabric is already attached to card stock when you purchase it. You may be able to find tutorials along with the printable fabric if you ask at your favorite sewing or craft store. You will, however, still have to sew the custom printed fabric onto another piece or into a new project.

These custom-created fabrics can help any of your projects stand out, because the fabric is unique, unlike anything you might find in a fabric shop or art store.

Promotional T Shirts And Custom T Shirts

Though there are many kinds of T-shirts out there in the market, there might be times when you might want to design your own t-shirt. This kind of t-shirt designing is called as custom t-shirt. Screen print shirts will never go outdated. However, this article speaks about 2 things which are as follows.

Custom T Shirts Cheap

Everyone feels that stylish clothing is determined by price, brand name or maybe if it is authorized by some famous celebrities. However, this is right but there is even much cheaper method for finding cheap ones with better quality. It is none other than the online market, where you will find some trendy shirts. You can buy them in online custom stores, which offers big discounts. They will cost you less when compared to common custom shirts.  However, they have same quality. Talking about the prints, it truly is flawless.

People, who desire to keep with updated fashion, must take benefit of this since these specials just go like pancakes. They are truly hot and always in demand because of low price. They will just make you look fabulous. You can even design special t-shirts according to your own style so that it shows your personality. There are unlimited designs for picking from! However, if you literally wish to make a unique t-shirt, it is better to upload your design and then use them.

Promotional T Shirts

There is a wide range of promotional presents out there at the internet market but nothing can be better than Promotional T Shirts. It is a kind of clothing, where many of them wear. It is even a better way for making your brand familiar. Promotional T shirts are typically made out from 100% cotton. They come in wide range of colours that can merge with the company logo you have. You will realize that promotional t-shirts of printed type are very affordable.

How Screen Printing Equipments Are Used For Printing Fabrics?

The printing is basically done on the t-shirts for gaining huge profits for their products. Therefore, it is necessary for a company to have their t shirt logos. This gives an identity for their products and becomes more familiar. However, this article explains you about the screen printing techniques for printing on the fabrics. Nowadays, the usage of screen-printing is a great deal and much more flexible when compared to the conventional or predictable printing techniques. Screen printing machines uses ink for printing on the surface materials range; it also includes metals, ceramic objects, fabrics, paper, timber, synthetic items and glass. This has made the screen printing usage very easy for fashionable garments for manufacturing labels and goods.

screen printing equipment

The techniques of the t shirt screen printing requires a screen stretched around the stiff casing or fine mesh. The segments that are not used for printings will be blocked up using the screens. For creating the print, first, the screen is to be placed on the fabric or piece of a dry paper and next the ink is placed top to it. The rubber blade is used for spreading the ink consistently crosswise to the screen. The ink will be passed to the open spaces in the screen on the fabric or paper and after this, the screen will be removed. This method is mainly used for moderately flat or flat surface printings.

The screen printing machine process is none other than grouping, installation, preparation and orientation. In the initial stage, the cutting tools are needed for creating the designs. This stage also includes scooping knives, art knives, scalpels and multiple blades. For creating the design on the multifilament nylon or monofilament or photosensitive with indirect screen printing film or polyester surface you can probably use the above-mentioned things. The screen printing inks are needed for printing the images on the fabric. Blotting pens can be used for blocking the parts that are not used for printings.

The next step in screen printing is to spread the ink using the rubber blades, squeegees or spatulas. After completing this step, you can use the screen printing frames. When you use the photosensitive with indirect screen printing film, it is compulsory that you should use either the garment printer machines or tabletop printers. After the process gets complete, it is important that you should use drying board, flash dryer and textile dryer to cure the ink. For cleaning the brush, you can also use the fabric cleaning brush. In order to make the ink to get instant at the screen, openers are used for spraying on the dry area of the screen.

Why T Shirt And Logo Are Important For The Company?

The companies t-shirts are essential in making the business grow to high heights and makes others to know about their products or it can be a small piece of advertisement. The customers and employees of your company will always love to wear the company t-shirts. Designing the company shirts in online is one of the fastest, easiest and the most creative medium for getting the message to be printed in the t-shirts. It is also important for t shirt companies to have their logos. Nowadays, t-shirt printings are highly cheap and inexpensive in online. The t shirt logos have a significant role in making the team in sports or in corporate to be unified. The t shirt logo is familiar and popular among the younger generation because they like to wear these types of casual dress and enjoy themselves with their friends.

t shirt makers

The importance must be given for material and color of the fabric. On printing the logos, you notice that the font size used for writing the messages in the logo must be easily readable and it is always advised to use the bold letters for writing. You can also use stylish letters but it should be easily readable instead of being stylish. Do not let your font to be too large or too small; if the logo to be used for a company has to be best, then it has to have the company name inside the logo itself with designed graphics.

Why should you design company t-shirts in online?

The t-shirt makers in online will provide you with the tool that you want for the business. Style and design tools like product designer will help you to know about the systematic process of the design to know about the effect that you are going to gain from the unique creations. Multitude options will be provided by the graphics libraries or else you can also choose your own images that to be uploaded on the t-shirts.

How can we use these t-shirts?

These shirts can be used for gaining best markets for your and services products, these t-shirts can be presented as a gift. Free sample shirts can be given to customers for encouraging your business for purchase and you can give away to family or friends or to those who supports for your business.

Tips For Wholesaler T Shirt Printing

There are many schools, churches and other groups using tee shirt printings for their organizations. They normally do this purchase through wholesale, because they believe that buying large quantity of t-shirts in wholesale will be cheaper. Most of the wholesale firms charge higher amount for digital tshirt printings. You should know that only on buying the large quantity of items in wholesale will make the expenses charged to be less otherwise you have to pay the bulge amount of money. Before getting wholesale t shirt printing, it is must that you have to check out for the prices they offer for printings.  t shirt logo

Particularly if you go for wholesale t shirt logo printings, the brand and quality should be noted down. The quality depends on what type of product the wholesale company is using i.e. paper and ink. Do not think that buying t-shirt at high expensive cost will give you a very good quality. Look for wholesale t shirt company that offers shirts for about 2 dollars or so on. If you are buying huge quantity of shirts, this will helps you to save large amount of money. Suppose if you feel tentative about particular wholesaler then you can look out for the reputed wholesale company charging very less amount of money. You can also buy the custom printed t-shirts in online. Visit some online websites and get to know about the reviews of the past customers.

Check the shipping costs, set up cost and cost of the t-shirts charged by them. Some companies offer poor quality shirts at low prices for getting fame and the market for their goods. Therefore, you must be careful on buying those shirts in online. There are some of the wholesale distributors who offer the shirts with their own designs. By depending upon your needs you can choose those designs. You can also ask the wholesalers to manufacture the t-shirts with the color that you preferred to them.

T-shirt logos are important for gaining high profits from the market and for getting name from the customers. In order to get good market, you can simply present these t-shirt logos to the person who helps for your business development. Logos are the symbol used for making the identification for your products. You can make use of the wholesalers in online for printing these logos.

What Does Digital Fabric Printing Mean?

The owners of small business feel very difficult in spending huge amount of money on the fabric printing and it is sometimes a big issue for them. They also have a question on how to print on fabric without spending huge penny. This article tells you about the digital fabric printings and their advantages and disadvantages in using it. Read the article and get to know about it.

digital tshirt printing

Digital fabric printing refers to the method of printing the photo or graphic or text or any other type of design in a t-shirt by using color laser printer or inkjet. This process is done by using the t-shirt transfer paper and this is a specially coated paper, which is designed to be printed on the side of the t-shirt. There are two types of paper; one is used for white color as well as for light colored fabrics and the other paper for dark colored shirts. This method is also best for reproducing the logos, photographic prints or any other multi colored images. Digital t-shirt printing is the traditional method used for printing the shirts.


  • This method is perfect for designing the shirt that is unique and perfect. There are methods like screen-printings, which require at least minimum number of shirts for printings.
  • The next advantage of the digital printing services is full color printing, due to the use inkjet printer and color laser printer for fabric printings this method allows us to use as many colors of our wish.
  • Unlike the screen-printing, additional information is not needed for the printings of digital shirt transfers. Indeed of size, we can print and the press the image on the t-shirt very easily as well as effectively.
  • This method also helps us in getting the multi colored and complex photographic images without having too much of confusions.


  • It is necessary for you to cut the shape of the image or text, which you want that to appear on the fabric. This involves a lot of time and the process becomes infeasible when we want to do the work in a bulk.
  • As the time consuming is high in this method, the cost of printing is also high. Besides this, the print will soon goes away.
  • This is a new technology for designing the fabric, so practical problems on using and handling the machines are higher.

How To Print On Fabric With Inkjet Printer?

If you are wondering as to how to print on fabric, then no need to worry. It can be easily done. Just read on this article. You will get to know in detail about screen printing t shirts. Let us start with fabric printing.

screen printing t shirts

How to print on fabric?

Earlier, to print fabrics, people used silk screens but as equipments and techniques advanced, inkjet printers made the whole process convenient. With the help of unique fabric sheets and HP-inkjet printer, printing in fabric is very easy and faster. In fact, paper is inserted as backing for a fabric (of 8.5″ x 11″ in size) so that it gives more rigidity and stability. All you require is a good HP-inkjet printer, software, an outstanding and nice graphics or photos.

  • To print something on a fabric, use computer’s graphics software for transforming the proposed images in digital form.
  • Once the ultimate image’s editing is performed, adjust your HP-inkjet printer into its highest or default color quality by entering into settings. First do a test prints on the paper.
  • If printed picture is not satisfying you and needs some tweaks, then make necessary design before you finalize the print at fabric.
  • Before loading your inkjet fabric piece on the printer, ensure that every dangling and loose fabric thread is cut.
  • Load inkjet fabric piece or sheet onto the printer’s tray. Now push to print. Allow some minutes for ink to carefully dry, prior peeling the paper off.

Short run printing – Benefits

Incorporating short run print for your investment and business needs broad employee training. The tools for short run printing, require being unique even if it is digital or offset, but should be in working order.

  • They are efficient
  • It reduces wastage
  • They are simplified
  • It gives consistent improvement
  • It reduces workload of employees